Lantian crafts innovative,
forward-thinking developments.

For each project, we consider the big picture every step of the way. We use our market knowledge and insights to shape each phase, engaging best-in-class architects, engineers, and contractors to provide the best ideas for our projects.  Our investments include short term value-add investments to  to long-term, multi-phase development projects.


Championing Sustainability

At Lantian, we build for the future, advancing smart growth and sustainable development. The best possible approach to energy efficiency, conservation, and transportation is wrapped into each of our projects. Lantian team members have earned highly respected Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications to support our commitment.

Our long-term vision shapes the way we work.

Our team is highly skilled and our company well-capitalized, so we possess the resources of a large company and the nimbleness of a small one. That unique combination of projects and capital positions us to move quickly on a project—or to wait patiently for it to mature and the value to rise.

Best-in-Class Partnerships

We form partnerships with some of the region’s most adept and creative developers in order to undertake new opportunities more quickly. Utilizing existing relationships while creating new ones helps us greenlight new developments at various stages of the development life cycle. We want to stay small, remain agile and quick to respond to market forces. We’re excited to use our deep bench of professionals to help partnerships carry out projects through the full life cycle, from concept to fully entitled site plans—and to build out our vision and yours.