Lantian Development is a visionary real estate investment and development company.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, we focus on advancing medium to large-scale sustainable development within the metro Washington, DC, footprint. What sets Lantian apart from other companies is that we take a long-term view. Lantian is well-capitalized, with the funding needed to act on projects quickly but the patience and ability to wait for a prime opportunity.

Development Savvy from DC’s Best Firms

Founded in 2014, Lantian has assembled a full team of seasoned real estate development, investment, asset management and financial professionals from the region’s leading real estate companies. We consistently execute ideas and strategies that add value to our existing assets, and we know how to create new ones from the ground up. We have a passion and love for real estate.

We see the long-term potential that others may miss.

Lantian has an enduring and lasting view on investing and developing real estate. Our visionary perspective, combined with the expertise and capital to wait until the time is right, affords us a unique position to add value and execute a project at the right time.


Bringing Sustainable, Positive Visions to Life

"Lantian" means "blue sky." We don’t just build buildings. We transform communities and bring our visions to life. Focusing on the future, not just the near-term returns for a project, means investing in smart growth, sustainable developments, and captivating new neighborhood centers that have powerful positive impacts on our region and people’s lives.